The First

48 Hours

DO NOT get your lashes wet. Avoid the shower (take a warm bath instead), steam rooms, hot yoga, facials, tanning and sweaty workouts. You can wash your face, however use a face cloth to rinse around the eye area.

After 48 Hours


  • Don’t  pull, rub, tug or play with your lash extensions.  This will cause them to fall out faster and may pull your natural lashes out.
  • Don’t curl your lash extensions with an eyelash curler.
  • No waterproof mascara – lash extensions look like you have mascara on so it is recommended not to use any.
  • No rubbing your face on your pillow and no eye masks.
  • Avoid facing the shower.  They are waterproof but not jet spray in your face proof.
  • Don’t use any oily creams or makeup around your eyelash extensions.

After 48 Hours


  • Do use a facecloth to wash your face.
  • Do brush your eyelash extensions daily.  Your lash extensions may cris cross after you sleep of after a shower so brushing them will maintain it’s natural look and curl.  A mascara wand will be provided for you after your new set of eyelash extensions are applied.
  • Do use oil free makeup remover when removing any eye shadow or makeup around the eyes.  I suggest using a q-tip with an oil free eye makeup remover when removing eyeliner along the lids.




Solidity Experience

The Salon

Solidity hair salon is located in the beautiful Bay & Algoma District. Created by stylist Ryan Powell this salon is a one of a kind private approach to hair and beauty. Ryan takes the utmost care in the his craft and ensures the utmost quality in what he provides to his clients.

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Lashes by


to provide you with a customized set of lashes. Together, we will discuss your lifestyle and expectations in order for me to deliver the best set of lashes for you. I specialize in luxury individual Mink eyelash extensions and Premium lash extension products.

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Taylor Made


Certified Nail Technician who specializes in custom nail designs to suit your style. Book an appointment for gel or shellac ‘Taylar Made’ nails that are tailored to you! I work in a sanitary environment located inside “Solidity Salon and Spa”. Every client receives a new and unused nail file for the service provided.

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